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New Yorkers aren't surprised Trump Place residents want a renaming as apartment prices dip

By Brick Underground  | October 25, 2016 - 9:09AM 

Alanna Schubach

Our recent article on residents living in Trump-branded buildings on the Upper West Side's Riverside Boulevard trying to get the Republican candidate's name off their towers touched a nerve on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites who picked up the story. For the most part, readers shared mostly the same reaction: a variation on "we're not surprised and it's about time." 

One famous resident, in fact, had already voted on the matter this summer with his feet: CNN Money reports that political pundit Keith OIbermann moved out in July. On Twitter, Olbermann noted that his property had depreciated in value by 10 percent: 

A StreetEasy search seems to confirm that the Trump brand is sending property values plummeting. Check out the price decreases on this 200 Riverside Blvd penthouse now on the market: 

Rentals at Trump Place neighbor 180 Riverside are also down in monthly cost almost across the board: 

Meanwhile, the commentariat had much to say about the prospect of a Trump Place re-naming: 

Many others thought the brouhaha much ado about nothing:

One commenter on West Side Rag, which shared the story, had no sympathy for residents:

And yet another had an interesting suggestion for a possible renaming, pointing out the history behind a nearby street's name: 

These readers also had suggestions:

Many others found the whole situation to be fodder for testing out their best zingers, to some success:

And this poster has a suggestion for a possible buyer or renter, should any Trump Place residents decide to vacate:



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