Harvey Weinstein unloads his Village townhouse, gentrification as mental health crisis, & more

By Nathan Tempey  | March 28, 2018 - 11:00AM

The owners of the George Washington Hotel in Manhattan are suing to boot rent-stabilized tenants, saying they're hoarders (New York Post)

Chinatown tenants forced out of their building two months ago by dangerous conditions say that the recent discovery of asbestos is a ruse by the landlord to keep them out (Bowery Boogie)

Title insurance is something every apartment buyer has to deal with, and the industry is fighting to roll back proposed reforms that would keep insurers from wining and dining brokers and lawyers, costs that have long been passed along to the buyer (Habitat)

Harvey Weinstein has sold his West Village townhouse for $25.6 million (Page Six)

Tour the carefully decorated fifth-floor walk-up that founders of an Indian-textile company call home (Apartment Therapy)

Could gentrification be worsening the mental health of people who are displaced? (CityLab)

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