Granddaughter sued for deed theft, $200 for arsenic debacle, & more

By Emily Myers | September 27, 2022 - 10:30AM

Emily Myers for Brick Underground 

A homeowner in Flatbush files a lawsuit accusing her granddaughter of stealing her house by faking her signature and taking the deed (New York Post)

After the botched arsenic alert, NYCHA will give $200 to every household at Jacob Riis Houses (City Limits)

The board of a luxury West Village condo sues the developer of a neighboring building over unpaid access fees (Crain's via Habitat Mag)

Residents in Bed-Stuy reflect on the demolition of the 120-year-old Jacob Dangler House, a community hub that's now a development site (The New York Times)

New York’s 1982 Loft Law allows a couple to enjoy a spacious Greenpoint loft for $500 a month (The New York Times)

A look at why a New York City rental is so hard to find (Bloomberg)

Emily Myers

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