Marching for Juneteenth, fight brews over eviction ban, & more

Protesters marching along Dean Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, on May 30th.

Edward Campanelli for Brick Underground

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Dozens of marches and events are taking place today across New York City in honor of Juneteenth, which celebrates the official end of slavery on June 19th, 1865 (NY1)

Lawmakers urge Governor Andrew Cuomo to reinforce his eviction ban extension and keep Housing Court closed (The Real Deal)

After three months of lockdown, many New Yorkers are setting caution aside and are behaving as if the coronavirus outbreak is over (The New York Times)

As the real estate market began to recover in May, searches for houses in the suburbs jumped 13 percent, according to (

Why most landlords are unwilling to lower their rents, even in a pandemic (The New York Times)

Mayor Bill de Blasio says city playgrounds will reopen on Monday with “social distancing ambassadors” reminding people to remain six feet apart (Gothamist)