Living with construction noise, high-end hoarders, & more

Austin Havens-Bowen
By Austin Havens-Bowen  |
March 10, 2021 - 10:30AM

Is construction in your building making it difficult to work from home? Here's what you can do (The New York Times) 

Some NYC luxury buildings have a dirty secret: High-end hoarders live in their buildings (New York Post)

Moving soon? Smartphone apps can help you decorate your new apartment before you move in (The New York Times)

Here are some outdoor furniture accessories to liven up your patio or balcony (Architectural Digest) 

An affordable housing lottery opened for 55 apartments in Ocean Hill. Rent starts at $457 (Brownstoner)

The MTA is set to get $6.5 billion in federal aid, which will prevent "drastic service cuts" to the subway, buses, Metro-North, and Long Island Railroad (Gothamist)

Austin Havens-Bowen

Austin Havens-Bowen


Austin Havens-Bowen is a writer and reporter. He previously covered local news for the Queens Ledger and The Hunts Point Express in the Bronx. He graduated from Hunter College with a BA in media studies. He rents a one-bedroom apartment in Astoria with his boyfriend and their two cats.

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