Legionnaires' disease in Harlem, Bronx landlord faces violations, & more

By Emily Myers | August 19, 2021 - 10:30AM 

Emily Myers for Brick Underground

New York City officials are investigating the water in several cooling towers in Harlem after a cluster of residents developed Legionnaires' disease (amNY)

Housing advocates call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign several fair housing bills before leaving office (The Real Deal)

A landlord in the Bronx is facing violations after granite bannisters on his property collapsed killing an eight-year-old (Bronx Times)

Construction is underway of an 11-story affordable housing project in Bed-Stuy organized around a year-round indoor garden (New York Yimby)

An agent dresses in a full suit of armor in sweltering heat to sell a property—and goes viral (Digg)

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