Property tax winners and losers, more residential buildings in the pipeline, & more

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By Emily Myers  |
February 4, 2020 - 11:00AM

A Brooklyn state senator is working on a new law to give tenants priority to buy their landlord's building if the property goes up for sale (Gothamist)

The number of new residential building permits issued in NYC rose last year with the most noticeable uptick in the Bronx (Curbed NY via Wall Street Journal)

Single-family homeowners in Queens and the Bronx will be among the winners of a plan to redistribute property tax—owners in Harlem and Brownstone Brooklyn would likely have to pay more (New York Times)

The East River State Park in Williamsburg is being renamed to honor Stonewall riots activist Marsh P. Johnson (Greenpointers)

The most wanted perk in NYC rental buildings—with 36 percent of the vote—is access to house cleaning and laundry services according to a survey by listing site PropertyNest (press release) 

The MTA is looking for rideshare partners to offer late-night workers better connections to the subway system outside Manhattan (press release) 


Headshot of Emily Myers

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