Would You Rather?

Is it worth the extra money (both in rent premiums and yearly tips) for a real-life doorman? New Yorkers weigh in

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If you ask a group of New Yorkers their feelings about having doormen in their buildings, you'll get a wide range of responses. Some think they're absolutely necessary for issues of safety and convenience, while others think they're more of a nuisance and would rather save the money that's associated with living in a building with a doorman (the doorman "premium," if you will). And then there are all those who fall in between. We polled six New Yorkers and asked them, when it comes to the doorman amenity, is a virtual doorman enough, or is a living, breathing doorman the only way to go? (Not quite sure what a virtual doorman is? Read here.)

Enough is enough "A virtual doorman is enough for me. As long as I can get visitors in and out and receive packages. I hate the small talk and the tipping and all that." —Guia, Upper West Side

Virtual becomes reality "What's a virtual doorman? Like basically an intercom/ robot thing that lets me get my packages? Yeah, that's fine. That's the future anyway. And you don't have to tip or feel like somebody is gossiping about your life." —Manuel, Central Harlem

Tech phobia "I don't want to have to deal with the technology of a virtual doorman. I don't necessarily love doormen, either, but the technology puts more work on me." —Jonathan, Yorkville

Real-life doorman please "If money were no object, I'd like to have a regular doorman, someone whom I speak with every day. I'd sacrifice privacy for the sense of security knowing there was someone downstairs, and to have someone to accept packages. Just knowing there was somebody in the building who was there to help you out would be amazing." —Liz, Bed-Stuy

Virtual all the way "A video and wireless system to screen comers and goers could be cool. Plus, the significant difference in rent would make me choose a remote or virtual system as well." —Lee, Astoria

Don't want to seem out of place "Assuming the package system is reliable, I'd go with a virtual doorman. It'd be nice to have a friendly face downstairs keeping an eye on things, but if I could get my Amazon Prime packages delivered without paying a huge amount more in rent, I'd go for it. Besides, no buildings in my neighborhood have a doorman, so it might look a little strange to the neighbors if we did." —Katherine, Bushwick

Verdict: Virtual doorman it is!