Would You Rather?

Okay New Yorkers, which will it be: Pre-war or New construction?

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It seems like there are two kinds of New Yorkers—the ones who love creaky floors and prewar charm and those who prefer shiny new buildings made of glass as far as the eye can see. What’s your preference? We asked five locals for their take:

Reliability matters more I'm all for living in a new building rather than a prewar one. While a sense of history is always nice, older buildings lack a lot of things that a new building offers. I'd much rather have an elevator building and reliable AC (especially in the heat) than a brick wall in my living room.—Jeremy, Chelsea

Give me new—please! I'm not a fan of prewar apartments which, when un-renovated, tend to have structural defects that welcome many a critter.—Eartha, Kips Bay (pictured below)

Character counts The construction is way better in a prewar, plus you can count on higher ceilings, more character, better architecture and history. I love being connected to history—I find it inspiring!—Cherie, Chelsea

Watching the bottom line A prewar vibe is more authentic. Plus apartments in newly developed buildings are usually overpriced.—Sarah, Upper East Side

What about ghosts? I’m the person who’s going to opt to live in a new building in a developed area, but only because ghosts scare me!—Sarah, Williamsburg

Verdict: We may profess our love of old buildings, but the majority of these New Yorkers are all about the new!