Would You Rather?

Given the choice, would you rather have a terrace or a working fireplace?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | December 4, 2017 - 1:00PM

Do New Yorkers covet fireplaces?


It’s that time of year, when having a working fireplace sounds pretty darn fantastic. Just think of evenings spent streaming Netflix by the fire, or sipping cider with a loved one. 

Then again, when it warms up outside, a terrace can provide a refreshing escape from the oven of one's apartment. We asked New Yorkers which they would prefer if given the choice. Here's what they had to say.

Is there wine involved?

"A f---ing terrace? Get out of town with that! Both a terrace and a fireplace are fraught with danger, but I’m much more likely to fall off my terrace while sipping vino than burn my building down. Romantic fireplace it is!"—Ben Earley, co-owner of Rose and Basil, East Village (pictured below)

A fireplace for the romantic

"Ben might be talking about drinking vino, but I prefer a fireplace no matter where I am. Then again, I’m the romantic one of the two of us, clearly!"—Ioana Holt, co-owner with Earley of Rose and Basil (pictured below)

Ben Early and Ioana Holt

Outdoor space offers more 

“A working fireplace is extremely limited in terms of when you would want to use it but with outdoor space you can take a concrete terrace and add flowers, plants, and benches to create that charming feel that you would get from a garden. Whether you want to take a look at the view, get some fresh air, entertain/have a party, give your pet some exercise, or hang out outside without leaving your house, a large spacious terrace is the ultimate luxury for a NYC apartment."—Ori Goldman, Flatiron

Terraces bring the party

"A terrace is an extension of your home and when you have guests over it allows them to flow from inside the house to outside. The more space you have, the bigger the party gets! It’s also a great place for barbecuing or enjoying a spring or summer day, and in the winter you can even bring out the fire pit"—Jenna Guarneri, New Dorp, Staten Island

Entertainment tonight

"I would much rather have a spacious terrace, because I love to host parties and networking events. If I wanted flames in my home, I would use my kitchen more."—Deena Baikowitz, Upper East Side

The verdict: Fireplaces got some love, but the terrace fans win this round.



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