Brick Underground on the radio: Our editor talks navigating NYC real estate

By Brick Underground  | October 17, 2017 - 3:31PM

In case you weren't glued to your radio this past weekend, Brick Underground senior editor Nathan Tempey appeared as a featured guest on AM 970 The Answer's Eye On Real Estate.

Over the course of the hour, he covered an array of topics with guest host Steven Gaines and the panelists, real estate school director Esther Muller, lawyer Jerry Feeney, and Citizens Bank vice president Ace Watanasuparp

Those topics included Mayor de Blasio's ever-shifting homelessness policies, the benefits of blackout blinds, life in a pointy apartment on Flatbush Avenue, what makes a great landlord, what it's like to co-own a vacation house with your ex, and more.

The full segment is here: 



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