Would you rather live near a reliable bus or an unreliable subway?
Would You Rather?

Would you rather live near a reliable bus or an unreliable subway?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | February 5, 2018 - 3:00PM

Ah, the MTA. It seems that nearly every day brings a new headline about super-slow or overcrowded buses, or worsening subway delays and assorted underground calamities. So we decided to ask New Yorkers this week: Would you prefer living close to a reliable bus line or a very unreliable subway line?

Their answers may surprise you, but perhaps less so if you take into account that they all happen to live in Manhattan.

Above ground, no railroad

“I definitely prefer a reliable bus. It’s less stinky, there are fewer stairs, no rats, and you can look out the window. However, getting to the outer boroughs could be challenging on a bus."—Leigh Anne O’Connor, Stuyvesant Town (pictured)


Our bus line is our lifeline

“My boyfriend and I live on East End Avenue and always joke that the M37 or M57 bus line on York Avenue is the ‘Magic Bus,’ because it comes so frequently and consistently that it makes living on the East Side a total breeze.”—Kathy Osborne, Midtown East 

Choosing someone (or something) to depend on

“This is totally a no-brainer. Much like choosing a guy, I would take living near a reliable bus over an unreliable subway line any day. The bus might be stuck in traffic, but at least it’s dependable and always shows up!”—Shruti Shah, Hell’s Kitchen

When you’re stuck, you’re stuck

“I would rather live along a unreliable subway line, because at least underground I can’t see everyone else rushing past me to the places they want to go. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a bus or waiting for the bus while you think, ‘I could walk faster than this!’”—Sarah Rath, Financial District

None of the above

“We have it all on West 14th Street—both a bad bus and a bad subway, and, in my opinion, the only reliable way to go is via Citi Bike! I just finished my 5,000th mile!”—Patrick Williams, West Village

The verdict: Dear MTA: Things are so bad that a majority of these Manhattanites prefer to take the bus over the subway. SOS!



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