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Stories on the 'average' New Yorker, the 'average' commute, and 'average' rental prices were most popular on Brick Underground this week


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Brick Underground's Average New York week delved into what makes the "average" New Yorker, and the "average" commute, among many other topics. But this week our readers were also interested in security deposit rules, and the age old debate: Squeeze into an apartment in Manhattan or embrace a larger apartment in an outer borough? These were the top five stories on the site:

1. Who is the "average" New Yorker?

2. Ask Sam: Can my landlord withhold my security deposit in exchange for an extra free month? (sponsored)

3. Nine neighborhoods worth considering if you're looking for a 40-minute commute (to Midtown or downtown Manhattan)

4. Here's what you can rent, in every borough of NYC, for its average price

5. Is it worth squeezing into an apartment just to live in Manhattan?