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A fall real estate forecast, design don'ts, and more of the week's top stories on Brick Underground

By BrickUnderground | September 8, 2017 - 2:00PM 

For the first week of school, Brick Underground's readers wanted to know the future of NYC real estate, how to nab affordable apartments, and more. Below, our top five stories of the week:

1. Brick Underground's 2017 Fall Real Estate Forecast: L train shutdown deals, Brooklyn bidding wars, and more

2. Best of Brick: How can a millennial without a trust fund afford to buy in NYC?

3. Design trends to avoid if you don't want your space to feel dated, fast

4. Best of Brick: Want to buy an investment apartment to rent out? Here's what you need to know

5. 366 below-market rate apartments are now available across Brooklyn and the Bronx, starting at $558 a month

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