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Buyers park themselves in rentals, how to win over a co-op board, & more

By Jennifer White Karp | December 21, 2018 - 4:00PM 

This week, readers dove into a New York City rental market report. Buyers, it seems, are putting their purchases on hold and choosing to rent instead. Also popular were renovation stories on fixing particularly vexing NYC-style apartment flaws.

Here, in full, are the week's top stories:

1) New report: Buyers are starting to 'camp out' in the NYC rental market

2) My co-op board interview: Trust me, working from home won't be a problem

3) What not to skimp on when renovating your NYC bathroom

4) How to restore a 100-year-old Hamilton Heights co-op buried under layers of paint and motley fixtures

5) Report: Eager for new Amazon employees, LIC sellers raise prices on nearly 19 percent of apartments for sale

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