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Millennials transform renting, how an algorithm hikes rents, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen | November 4, 2022 - 2:30PM

This week readers visited Brick Underground to check out how Millennials are changing the rental process. Members of the largest living generation in the U.S. are finding it increasingly difficult to become homeowners—or are making renting a lifestyle choice. This cohort grew up on technology, and wants to use apps to pay rent and tour apartments online—plus credit-card style rewards for paying rent. 

Also of interest: How landlords across the U.S. are relying on software that uses an algorithm to artificially increase rents. 

Here are this week's top five post: 

1) What Millennial renters want: Online rent payments, credit reporting, points, and Le Creuset cookware is nice too

2) Are landlords using an algorithm to hike rents in NYC?

3) 6 reasons your mortgage application might be denied or delayed that have nothing to do with you

4) A landlord wants to see six month’s rent in my savings account. Is this normal?

5) An affordable housing lottery opens for 41 apartments close to Barclays Center in Brooklyn

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Ask Sam: Our landlord wants to use a small room in our apartment as a separate rental. Is this legal?

Austin Havens-Bowen

Staff Writer

Staff writer Austin Havens-Bowen covers the rental market and answers renters' questions in a column called Realty Bites. He previously reported on local news for the Queens Ledger and The Hunts Point Express in the Bronx. He graduated from Hunter College with a BA in media studies. 

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