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A court case could re-stabilize thousands of apartments, co-op prices are rising, and more top stories of the week

By Alanna Schubach  | October 6, 2017 - 3:00PM

This week, our readers were thinking strategically about both renting and buying, and were particularly interested in a court case that could make thousands of market-rate rentals become rent-stabilized again. Here, in full and in case you missed any, are the top stories of the past week: 

1. Could your apartment become rent-stabilized? A high-stakes court case could make 100,000 apartments regulated again

2. Buying an apartment in a small building vs. buying in a big one: Which is right for you?

3. The white marble in my bathroom is starting to turn brown. Is there anything I can do?

4. Manhattan co-op prices are spiking, but they're still a better deal than condos

5. This Brooklyn Heights condo has two bedrooms (sort of) and bridge views

Alanna Schubach

Contributing writer

Contributing editor Alanna Schubach has over a decade of experience as a New York City-based freelance journalist.

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