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Apartments with balconies, flooding from a neighbor, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen | March 12, 2021 - 1:30PM 

This week, readers visited Brick Underground to read about what you should consider before living in a NYC apartment with a balcony. The outdoor space has its benefits but you need to weigh whether it will be too noisy, windy, or pest-prone to enjoy.

Also of interest: A reader is having trouble after a neighbor caused a flood. Brick turns to the experts on how to navigate the situation.

Here, in full, are this week's most popular posts.

1) 10 things to consider before living in a NYC apartment with a balcony

2) My neighbor's shower flooded my apartment, but his insurance won't cover it. What can I do?

3) So you bought a NYC townhouse—now how are you going to manage it?

4) With housing court hearings online, it may be cheaper to fight your landlord

5) Manhattan is 'catching up' as new contracts increase for the third consecutive month


Austin Havens-Bowen

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Austin Havens-Bowen covers the rental market. He previously reported on local news for the Queens Ledger and The Hunts Point Express in the Bronx. He graduated from Hunter College with a BA in media studies. 


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