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'Insane deal' on the UES, most affordable nabes for buyers, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen | February 26, 2021 - 1:30PM 

This week, readers checked out Brick Underground to read how one couple got an "insane deal" on an Upper East Side two-bedroom rental when they moved to the city from Boston. Not only did they get 20 percent off the rent but the owner also agreed to replace the floors and window shades. 

Also of interest: A round up of the most affordable neighborhoods for buyers in 2021. Brick partnered with PropertyShark to find the top three most affordable neighborhoods in each borough. 

Here, in full, are this week's most popular posts.

1) We got an 'insane deal' on an Upper East Side rental with a discount and upgrades

2) The most affordable neighborhoods in NYC: A buyer's guide for 2021

3) Why I moved to NYC from San Francisco: Lower rent and a new career

4) Ridgewood, Queens: The insider's guide to living there

5) Why your security deposit should not be used as your last month's rent

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