The most popular dog names by New York City zip code

By Nikki M. Mascali  | November 20, 2018 - 2:00PM

Your dog may be one of a kind, but chances are its name isn't. 


Whether you live in affordable housing, a six-story walk-up, a classic brownstone, or an ultra-luxury tower, there’s one thing many New Yorkers may have in common, and it’s not a gripe about your commute.

“New Yorkers are more alike than they may realize when it comes to naming their dogs,” Alon Goldstein, urban planner at, says in a new report on dog monikers. “Neighborhoods with widely different demographics and types of housing have similar dog names.” helps predict what renters and buyers might expect at any address, and for pet owners, that includes the nearest dog park, number of registered dogs and breeds nearby. The website just released its naming analysis of dog registrations by zip code from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for 2016, the most recent year the data was available.

No matter where you are looking to live, if your dog is named Bella or Max, you may have more than one dog come when you call as those are the most popular names across the five boroughs. Bella is the most popular girl’s name in 73 zip codes, and Max is the most popular boy’s name in 57 neighborhoods.

Let’s dig a little deeper in’s doggie name data:

Most popular girl dog names in NYC

Bella dominates every Staten Island zip code, and had a strong showing in south and east Brooklyn, eastern and central Queens, the north Bronx and the eastern part of the borough.

Princess reigns supreme in 19 zip codes, especially in south and central Bronx , while Lucy rules 16 zip codes, including Inwood, the Upper East and West sdes, Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo, Park Slope, and portions of Jamaica Estates and Hollis.

Female dog owners break from the pack in Fidi, where Juno is the most popular name, and in Battery Park City, where Mabel rules. Penny shines in part of Long Island City, while Chloe is beloved in Whitestone/Clearview.

Most popular boy dog names in NYC

Max lives up to his “greatest” name meaning in most Brooklyn and Queens zip codes, as well as parts of the Upper West Side, Classon Point in the Bronx, and Staten Island’s Arrochar neighborhood. But he goes head to head with Rocky, who fought his way into 29 zip codes, including a large portion of Staten Island and the Bronx, and parts of Upper Manhattan, northern Queens and South Brooklyn.

Charlie is popular in 24 zip codes, mostly in Manhattan.

Outliers for male dog names included Chance and Diesel, which are in parts of Jamaica, while Gizmo is popular in other parts of that neighborhood and Crown Heights.


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