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For celebrity trainer Layla Luciano, being a native New Yorker has its (real estate) perks

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Layla Luciano is an all-star trainer and co-founder of gym Pact Park, so you know she means business when it comes to working up a sweat. Luciano, who was one of seven trainers featured on Bravo TV’s Work Out New York, is running a pop-up workout today at the penthouse at 75 Wall (it's the first time a duo of celebrity trainers have partnered with a luxury development team to design a custom workout). We checked in with Luciano, a native New Yorker, ahead of the event to find out about her apartment fantasies, her pet peeves, favorite haunts, and more.

What neighborhood do you live in?

Financial District, but I was born and raised in Chelsea!

Is this your dream neighborhood or is there someplace else in NYC you’d prefer to settle in? 

I love FiDi and how up-and-coming it is. I live by the Seaport and there are so many events and fun activities taking place. The best thing about living in NYC is that you're never stuck in one neighborhood, you can hop on the train or a bike for 15 minutes and be in another neighborhood or even borough!

Do you own or rent? 


How’d you find it?

My parents are NYC natives in real estate so they knew about co-ops and Mitchell-Lamas. My apartment is a Mitchell-Lama that just turned private, but I was on the waiting list to get an apartment in my building for a couple of years.

What’s the one thing you love the most about it? 

My balcony on the 25th floor with a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge!

If there’s one thing you could change about your apartment, what would it be? 

That I would be able to get more sun all day, but there's a another tall building blocking the sun after 2 pm.

In three words, describe the first apartment you've ever lived in. 

Above a pizza place! (It's four words but it's true and where I was raised for a couple years after I was born!).

Do you dream of old New York or prefer the current version?

I love the current version—there's always something new, especially vegetarian options everywhere; I was born and raised a vegetarian back when there were only a few stores that vegetarian options, otherwise I would have to get a sandwich with bread, dressing, lettuce and tomato.

Name one NYC service you couldn’t live without. 


What's your favorite spot in the city?  

I love being outside in the summer, like the seaport pier, the little seating area at 75 Wall Street and the Elevated Acre (all in FiDi). Or rooftop spots like The Jimmy at the James, PhD at the Dream hotel, and the Loopy Doopy at the Conrad Hotel.

Which would you rather: Brooklyn brownstone or a penthouse in a shiny, new condo? 

Penthouse in a new condo with gym, rooftop, and outdoor pool please!

If you could live elsewhere, where would it be?

I love traveling, but NYC will always be my home. Plus, I don't have a drivers license (common trait among native New Yorkers born and raised in the city) and there aren't many places that are about that life.

Any advice for a recent New York transplant? 

Learn the unwritten rules of New York, like rules of walking up and down a staircase and walking on (not standing in the middle of) the sidewalk.