Fresh Out of College Week

College grads: New Yorkers think you should get roommates (and maybe even a lot of them)

It generally works out for the fictionals characters on New Girl, after all.


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Commencement season is nearly upon us. That means a whole new crop of college grads roaming the city, looking for new housing and likely roommmates to split the obscene costs of said housing. To help them on their way, we asked five New Yorkers to share some insight on which living scenario they found to be best: living in a large apartment with several roommates, or having a tiny shoebox all to themselves?

  • Roomy with roommates I’d rather have a large apartment with roommates. It’s much cheaper, first of all. And that’s really all you need to know. —Amber, Hamilton Heights (pictured)
  • When it’s good, it’s great If you are lucky enough to have awesome roommates like I do, then it’s awesome having roommates. We’re all friends. We like the same things, so we have movie and Netflix binge nights. We go out together and there’s always somebody to walk home with after we hit the bars. Love it. But I’ve had bad roommates who were always late with the rent and didn’t clean, so there’s that, too. —Brendan, Washington Heights

  • Roommates with benefits Definitely prefer living in a big ol’ apartment with roommates. You can steal—I mean share—their food. You have somebody who can zip up your dress, if you still fit in it after you eat all their yummy goodies. —Nina, Hamilton Heights (pictured)
  • Small and solo I’d rather have my own space, all to myself. Just somewhere to completely wind down and not have to deal with anybody’s personality. And I want to walk around in my underwear. —George, Inwood
  • Cat lady calling I like living by myself in a cozy little apartment. I have my cats (just two!) and I remember it was so difficult to find anybody to live with when I had just one. But no, I’m pretty happy with my set up now without any roommates. I love my cats, they make great roommates! —Diana, Upper West Side

Verdict: Find room for roommates!