When It Comes to Roommates, New Yorkers Want Theirs to Try a Little Cleanliness

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In the city with the highest number of roomates per square foot (that's got to be a real data point, right?), New Yorkers know all to well what traits they loathe and what they can live with when it comes to co-habitation.

We Asked Five New Yorkers:

Would you rather have a noisy-but-neat-and-clean roommate? Or a quiet-as-a-mouse slob?

Defensive Much?

I’d prefer a noisy person who is neat than a quiet person who is a slob. I can tell a loud person to be quiet or at least less loud. But I feel you can’t really make a messy or dirty person less so. That’s just how they are. And also, loud people tend to be quiet and be apolo- getic when you ask them to be quiet. Messy people tend to just get really defensive!

Nathan, Washington Heights

Party, and let party

I wouldn't mind a loud and messy person but a loud and clean one is even better. but definitely they have to like loud music and loud conversation. They gotta know how to have some fun and --- above else --- be able to let other people have fun! You know there are people who can't stand when other people are laughing loudly. C'mon man, live and let live. I don't care when you're loud, as long as you don't care about me being loud. And I can deal with dirty dishes in the sing, bu keep the bathroom clean.

Tom, Astoria