Would You Rather?

Do New Yorkers even want cars anyway?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | March 6, 2017 - 1:45PM

In New York City, parking spaces don't come cheap (unless you're willing to take on the hassle of street parking). But if a car isn't required for your work commute, is it smart to shell out the money for a vehicle you rarely use, or are you better off relying on rentals and Zipcars?

To see how much we really need wheels in our pedestrian-friendly, public transportation-rich town, we asked five New Yorkers to give us the 411.

Car-less and free It’s great not to have to worry about parking, and Zips are convenient when you need wheels. Also, it’s fun to find the best car-rental rates! —Beth, Upper West Side

Gotta have wheels I recently purchased my first car and it has changed my life for the better. Yes, I sometimes have to worry about parking but my car has expanded my travel opportunities and things I can do, especially on the weekends.—Rachael, South Bronx (pictured below)


Who needs the hassle? With rideshare apps always an option in addition to car-sharing, the hassles of owning a car around New York City feels even more prohibitive. –TJ, Astoria

A car helps my business I’m a photographer and my car is a huge selling point for clients because I can get to gigs that aren’t near public transportation. —Richard, Flushing

Over 10 years of renting cars and loving it I got rid of my car in 2003 and renting cars has turned out to be a much cheaper, less stressful, and more comfortable option. As a full-time comedian, I travel all over the country and, over the last decade, it has cost me less to rent cars every year than it has to pay for six months of car insurance. Plus, no more worrying about parking, digging out after a snowstorm, paying for registration, maintenance, oil changes, having to deal with the DMV, and being a slave to another possession.—Jim, Astoria

Verdict: It's not unanimous, but among this group, cars aren't worth the trouble of owning!


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