Reminder: Many of NYC's bodegas are on strike today, so stock up before you head home (and give them your business tomorrow)

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New Yorkers know that the local bodega is often the beating heart of the neighborhood, the corner store where you can pick up paper towels, beer, snacks, and more—and perhaps pet the friendly bodega cat—at all hours of the day.

But today, many bodega owners throughout the five boroughs have gone on strike, reports Buzzfeed, in protest of the Trump administration's executive order banning travelers from seven nations where the majority of the population is Muslim. (See the full text of the order, with analysis, courtesy of NPR.) 

Buzzfeed notes that many of New York's bodega owners trace their roots to Yemen, one of the countries named in the ban. The strike organizers wrote on their Facebook page that many of the store proprietors and their families "have been directly affected by the Ban."  

So when you're heading home this evening, remember to pick up provisions elsewhere, and tomorrow, buy an extra sandwich or two to help your deli recoup any profits they may have lost today.