Would You Rather?

When it comes to commercial space, would you prefer a restaurant or grocery store downstairs?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | June 12, 2017 - 2:59PM

It could be pretty fantastic to race downstairs for a dozen eggs or Tide. Or would it be better to have live atop a restaurant so you can finally be a regular in our oftentimes anonymous city (not to mention outsource your cooking altogether)? We asked five New Yorkers which retailer they’d prefer to share as tenants: Restaurant or supermarket?

Taco time I’d want to share space with a restaurant, specifically a Mexican one. That way I can make friends with them and even get some free tacos one in a while!—David, Sheepshead Bay

A supermarket=a luxury Grocery stores close earlier than restaurants and, plus, restaurants can deliver. If I lived above a supermarket, I’d only have to carry groceries upstairs to my apartment.—Jyssica, Midwood (pictured below)


VIP treatment please! If it was a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods, I would definitely pick the supermarket but, because it most likely wouldn’t be one of those two supermarkets, I’d go with a restaurant. Having a neighborhood spot always has its perks. If you become friends with the staff and go often they treat you like a VIP and who can pass that up?—Julia, Hell’s Kitchen

Crowd control I'd rather live above a supermarket. It’s more crowded during the day, but at least they close at some point.—Dominick, Marine Park, Brooklyn

Vermin vermin vermin If you live above a restaurant, you're just begging for infestation of yucky beasts trying to scavenge some leftovers. HELL NO. At least the food in supermarkets is contained and packaged and therefore much more difficult for critters to acquire. Both are not ideal, though. Blech.—Sue, Williamsburg

Verdict: Supermarket chains take note: These New Yorkers would prefer to live above a supermarket over a restaurant any day of the week. (So come back!)



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