Would You Rather?

Would you rather live near a ferry or an express bus?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | June 25, 2018 - 12:00PM


Let's say for the sake of argument you couldn't take the subway to work anymore, and your choices were a breezy ferry ride or is an air conditioned express bus. Which would you prefer?

Of course, for many New Yorkers, this is much more than a hypothetical situation, thanks unfortunately to the L train shutdown, which will introduce alternative bus and ferry routes, as well as shift capacity to other subway lines. Some riders have already joined a bike train.

We asked five New Yorkers to weigh in on which mode of transportation—express bus or ferry—they would rather live near.

Water = vacation

“I would rather live by a ferry because I love the water and a more enjoyable commute would make every day feel a little like vacation. Plus, no need to worry about traffic like you do with a bus!”—Megan Zuckerman, Flatiron

Provided an express is truly express, I’ll take it

“I have to say express bus. And hopefully the first stop is an express train, because I can pretty much crawl to my destination faster than an MTA bus will get me there.”—Brian Boye, Hudson Yards

The ferry is more fun

“Honestly, it depends where I am going. But if I had to choose, I’d pick a ferry. It’s so much more fun than the bus.”—Mimi Richter, Williamsburg

I'll take the ferry, but I can make I'll walk or bike if necessary

“I would much rather live near a ferry, but I also live near the Brooklyn Bridge so I’m never at a loss or transportation: If there are strikes or bad weather I can always bike, hike or literally ski to Manhattan.”—Alison Blackman, Brooklyn Heights 

I'd prefer the express bus—too many tourists on the ferry

“If I could have access to an express bus that stopped outside my front door every 15 minutes, I’d take it! I’d much prefer this to having a tourist ferry to Ellis Island right near my building—I’d rather not deal with tons of fanny-packed visitors outside my home all the time!”—Morgan Oliveira, Upper West Side

Verdict: The ferry beats the express bus, but some do like to commute on wheels, as long as it's fast.


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