Flyers spotted around NYC neighborhoods promote diversity

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Attorney and longtime activist Sam Himmelstein  drew our attention to the flyer shown above which he's spotted in his Brooklyn neighborhood. 

It reads:

"Windsor Terrace/Kensington Loves Our Black, Brown, White, Latino, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Gay, Female, Refugee, Queens, Asian, Middle Eastern, Disabled, Immigrants, Mentally Ill, Interfaith, Mixed Race Neighbors. These are tough times. Know that there are people in your community who stand against intolerance and hate. There are neighbors who have your back. We see you. We trust you. We love you. We will stand by you."

Now, Himmelstein (fyi, a Brick sponsor) cautioned that although there seem to be flyers everywhere in NY, advertising everything from moving services to lost animals, posting them can get you heavily fined if you are caught. (Himmelstein admits he's been putting up flyers for 50 years).

If, regardless of the potential to be fined, you're so inclined to post similar flyers in your neighborhood (whether that's in New York City or elsewhere), consider: "Clear wide packing tape. Cover the flyer completely and wrap the tape around the pole."

Anyone else seeing these? Snap a photo and send it to [email protected] and we'll publish it.


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