Would You Rather?

Where to for sandy summertime fun: Jersey Shore or Long Beach?

By Mayra David  | May 31, 2016 - 9:59AM

The Long Beach waves call to New Yorkers.


Dennis Harper/Flickr

It may not be officially summer yet according to the calendar, but the thermostat says otherwise. The unseasonably warm weather, of course, has us thinking of ways to escape the city and that means figuring where to spend hazy beach days. So, we asked six New Yorkers: Would you rather summer in Long Beach or the Jersey Shore?

  • Easy peasy I’ve been to Long Beach with my girl and it’s really nice. It’s quiet, too, actually. Doesn’t really get too crazy, as far as I’ve seen. And it’s actually really easy to get to and from the city. There’s a train from Penn Station that goes right there. —Sheldon, the Bronx (pictured below)

  • Jersey, sure First chance I get I’m down the shore. In Jersey. I love it, my family loves it. We rent a boat sometimes, and we’ve even rented a house there and people come down on different days to stay. I wish I had a summer house there. It’s really beautiful and the restaurants are great. It gets crazy, for sure, but that’s okay. And there are those, you know, “Situation” types, but whatever. It’s all part of the fun. —Beth, Midtown West
  • Cheap and easy  I think Long Beach is cheaper than the Jersey Shore and less touristy. The Jersey Shore I’ve been to with friends and they’ve got really pricey places, plus you have to rent a car to get there. It’s a hassle. For a quick, cheap beach day, just get on a train to Long Beach, pack a sandwich and book. No, really, people actually “summer” like that in the city.  —Sondra, Hamilton Heights

  • No love lost I’d go to Long Beach. It’s easy to get to from the city, I think. But mainly I’d go to Long Beach because I really hate New Jersey. —Gwinevere, Hamilton Heights (pictured above)
  • Short trips to Long Beach Long Beach isn’t really like a place to go away to. You either live there or go for quick trips. That’s kind of how I like my summers anyway. Like, I know people go away for a whole summer and basically move to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore or whatever. But actually I like the summer in the city also and I like going to different places to "get away." I don’t want to stay at one location for the whole summer. Least of all New Jersey. —Lucas, Morningside Heights
  • Location, location Can I say Fire Island instead? No? Well, okay, then Long Beach because it’s actually nice and pretty clean and it’s close to the city. I’m sure the Jersey Shore is also nice, but how do you even get there? —Brigid, Hamilton Heights

Verdict: Long live Long Beach!


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