Small Wonder

This quirky Hell's Kitchen studio puts you right in the heart of the theater district

By Virginia K. Smith  | March 20, 2017 - 11:59AM

Unless you're springing for a new development penthouse, if you're hoping for an apartment right in the heart of Midtown, you'll pretty much have to resign yourself to living in close quarters.

But for a studio that's more "cozy and quaint" than "cramped light-deprived closet," we like this co-op on West 44th Street, just a few doors down from Birdland Jazz Club, and near all of Broadway's biggest theaters. It seems to get good natural light (though you'll have to check on that yourself), and the exposed brick keeps it from feeling like a cookie cutter shoebox. Note that it will look different, though, if you decide to put an actual bed in there:


We love the unique shape and tile pattern in the kitchen (as well as the fact that it's got a window), but while there is an all-important dishwasher, there seems to be only room for a mini-fridge—common in many Manhattan studios but still a deterrent:

The bathroom in particular is a pleasant surprise, with two windows, a soaking tub, and a separate elevated alcove for the toilet:

The building is pet-friendly, and has a small, shared back garden. Even better: This apartment has undergone a couple of price chops, bringing it down from its original asking price of $510,000 to its current price of $465,000. No time like the present to do a little negotiating.


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