What Can I Afford?

Prospective buyers: We want you to be featured in a Brick Underground column

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Buying real estate in NYC presents a unique set of hurdles and complications, from whether to go co-op or condo, to finding the right broker, to negotiating and closing. And for many would-be buyers in New York, it can be difficult to tell whether it's even financially feasible to make the transition from renter to owner. (This is, after all, one of the most expensive and complicated markets in the world.) To that end, we're seeking buy-curious New Yorkers to be featured in our series, What Can I Afford?, a column in which we help participants get an answer to that very question from real estate experts. 

We'll be asking willing volunteers to share some financial information (we'll keep everything anonymous to protect your privacy), and then consult mortgage and brokers to crunch the numbers and figure out what and where you could buy in NYC. (Click here for previously published samples.)

Interested? Contact [email protected], and let us help you get a head start on home ownership.