Townhouse pick of the week

A rare 1920s townhouse is for sale on City Island

By Virginia K. Smith | January 25, 2017 - 3:59PM 

For buyers who like to spend their weekends boating, a rare opportunity to buy on City Island has opened up in the form of a five-bedroom 1920s waterfront townhouse listed with Douglas Elliman and asking $1.99 million. As with many homes on City Island, the property includes its own stretch of private beach.

The photos show a spacious backyard leading out to the waterfront:

Inside, there's a cozy entrance foyer, and a living room with a large, stone fireplace:

The dining room has large windows and waterfront views, an added perk if you like to host dinner parties:

One big caveat here: the kitchen, bathrooms, and upstairs bedrooms aren't pictured, meaning they may be in need of some fixing up, and you'll want to visit the property in person to assess the situation. However, the listing also notes a two-car garage, a rooftop deck, an extra office den, sunroom, and storage—all extras not routinely found in a NYC home. The floorplan even notes an upper "chauffeur's room," which could probably be made into a cozy guest room:

Provided the home doesn't need too much updating, this could be a spacious oasis for a family that's looking to stay within the five boroughs but get away from the hectic pace of the city. Given how infrequently these types of homes come on the market in City Island (they tend to pass down through families for years, instead), any interested buyers will want to act fast.


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