The Market

When to buy versus rent, what makes a real New Yorker, and more

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The age-old question: when does it make sense to buy versus rent? (Thrillist)

What makes you a real New Yorker? Encounters with the subway, rats, and people without pants, probably (Gothamist)

Here's the Cliff's Notes version of all the controversial parts of de Blasio's housing plan (Curbed NY)

Check out these subway etiquette ads of yore, and feel a little better about the manspreading epidemic by comparison (CityLab)

Cramped apartments be damned, NYC is still one of the country's most pet-friendly cities for renters (Abodo)

Classic cleaning tips to get you ready for the Lunar New Year (Refinery 29)

10 things you can definitely toss to help de-clutter your apartment (The Financial Diet)

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