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Want to move out of the city? This Princeton, New Jersey house has serious architecture cred

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | March 4, 2016 - 8:59AM

The four-bedroom, four-bath Lauck House, built in 1950, is a midcentury modern-style gem designed by Marcel Breuer, the architect behind the landmarked building on 75th and Madison that used to house the Whitney and will open as the Met Breuer later this month.

It's situated on a secluded four-acre property, five minutes from the pretty college town of Princeton, New Jersey. The house underwent restoration work just seven years ago, including a gallery space addition. 


And the house incorporates Breuer's famous innovations, including a centrally located kitchen, and his renowned "butterfly roof," so-named because the roof slants down a slant, as like the insect's wings at flight. (According to Curbed, the architect Le Corbusier actually deployed this roofline before Breuer, who was inspired by it.) The original stairs and a rope rail are still intact.


In addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms there's a studio, a playroom, living room, family room, kitchen and a two-car garage.

The cost of bragging rights to a Breuer home? $1.63 million.


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