Turns out, New Yorkers would like to organize themselves for 2016

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Happy New Year, NYC! Year in, year out, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to simplify, get organized, and declutter our homes. So, we asked five New Yorkers: Would you rather hire a pro to get you organized and de-cluttered, or do it yourself, your way?

  • Professional paper pusher please!  I prefer to pay for services to eliminate the work I have to do. I’d like to get our household paperwork and documents organized most! —Jeremiah, Bronx

    Cons of hiring a pro I would need to do something like this myself. I can’t imagine somebody being able to organize and de-clutter  my personal stuff  in a way that doesn’t give me anxiety. —Ian, Sunnyside Queens (pictured at left)
  • Apartment therapy There’s all this talk about how  therapeutic and satisfying and rewarding it is to organize your apartment and get rid of everything and anything that you don’t need. So, I guess this is something I should be doing myself! If only I would though! Decluttering is definitely on the list for 2016!  —Jo, Hamilton Heights

  • Declutter? Done!  I’m a DIY kind of a guy. I just moved from another state, so decluttering is not a resolution I need to worry about this year. Woohoo! —Brian, Chelsea (pictured at left)
  • Go pro Hire someone for sure. I'd love to have a professional come to my apartment to help me sort out and get rid of our stuff. We have toys everywhere and it's driving me nuts. Plus, I know my closet could use some editing, but I have a hard time setting aside the time to do it myself. Hiring someone to come in would be the perfect push I need to get organized in 2016. —Deborah Yorkville

Verdict: 2016 is your year,  DIY organizers! Good luck!


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