Guys get locked out of their apartments more often than women, one data survey says

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If you're a man, are single or live on the Lower East Side, chances are you get locked out of your apartment a lot.

At least that's according to new data released by KeyMe, a service that allows people to copy their keys through an app and kiosks, rather than pricey locksmiths. (Read our review here.)

The company—which will double or perhaps even triple the number of key-making kiosks it has across the city this year—found that 1.9 million New Yorkers get locked out annually. And the most popular day and time to get locked out is Saturday afternoon. Greg Marsh, founder of KeyMe, says he suspects it has something to do with the fact that that's a time people are out of the house a lot, doing errands and otherwise mind-occupied. (Could it be the effects of boozy brunches, maybe?).

Apparently, the Lower East Side has the highest lockout rate in Manhattan, followed by Chelsea. "That probably has to due with the fact that a lot of the buildings there don't have doormen, and you have a large concentration of young people living there," says Marsh. (And perhaps said young people may be partaking in those aforementioned boozy brunches?)

But believe it or not, New York isn't the city with the highest rate of lockouts. That honor belongs to Philadelphia (followed by the Big Apple, then Chicago, then Dallas and, finally, Boston).

Also, here's another reason to finally pop the question: Married people are less likely to get locked out. We're going to choose to believe that's because you're more likely to have two sets of keys for one apartment, not due to the fact that spouses nag each other about taking their stuff (then again, the reason here could be married-with-kids' couples relative lack of boozy, lose-your-key-afterward brunches).

And, finally, a statistic that Marsh says he found most surprising: Men are 36 percent more likely to get locked out than women. Take that as you will, guys.