Here's a disturbing new map of your neighborhood's gang activity

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Just on the heels of a map tracking gun violence across the city, here's another upsetting entry into the NYC data map canon: a new map from the New York Daily News using NYPD data to track which gangs are active in different NYC neighborhoods.

The NYPD estimates that gang violence is behind 40 percent of murders in the city so far this year, per the Daily Newswith around 375 gangs and street crews total operating around the city. The highest concentration is in Brooklyn, where there at least 130 active gangs, and 73 in north Brooklyn. (To wit: one Brick editor just found out their small Bed-Stuy block is apparently a hotbed of activity for one local crew.)

While Harlem, the Bronx, and certain pockets of Queens seem to have the highest concentrations of gangs, one startling thing about this map is how spread out gang activity seems to be all over the city, in all five boroughs—even hyper-gentrified areas like Chelsea, the Upper West Side, Williamsburg, and the Lower East Side aren't exempt. It's all a troubling a reminder that you can't make a blanket assumptions about any given NYC neighborhood, and that rapid-fire gentrification isn't exactly helping to solve longstanding problems in the neighborhoods it touches.

"[Gang activity] is one of the biggest issues we are facing right now," Deputy Chief Kevin Catalina—the commanding officer of the NYPD Gang Division—told the paper, noting that much of the gang violence currently happening in the city is "senseless," or motivated by trivial conflicts.

Click through to scroll around and see what the gang situation is in your neighborhood—if you've got a particular crew in mind that's a source for concern, you can also search by gang name.

(H/t Gothamist for the link)


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