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Million Dollar Listing's Fredrik Eklund on why he loves his building—but is scared to ever open his windows

By Virginia K. Smith | December 7, 2015 - 8:59AM

Broker-to-the-stars Fredrik Eklund is also a reality TV fixture via Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York, where he's known for his bold, "high-kicking" approach to life and business, and now he's adding a new medium to his resume, co-hosting Buying and Selling on SiriusXM with his brother, Sigge. On the heels of the show's debut, we caught up with Eklund about his digs in Flatiron, the joys of Seamless, and why every NYC newcomer should get to know the city on foot:

What neighborhood do you live in?

Flatiron currently, but moving to Tribeca in the Spring.

Is this your dream neighborhood or is there someplace else in NYC you’d prefer to settle in?

I love every neighborhood of New York; it’s like many small cities within one large one, all unique, all with their own fabric, architecture and culture. I have many dreams of the future and where I will live: a townhouse in the West Village, a penthouse overlooking Central Park, a glass box up in the clouds on top one of my new towers in the New Downtown—so little time, so many options…

Do you own or rent?

I rent now, and I’m waiting for our two new residences to be done.

How’d you find it?

I’m a real estate broker, so I know everything about every building. The real challenge is how to stay AWAY from the things I love, since I’m so tempted all the time.

What’s the one thing you love the most about it?

The apartment we are in now is in One Madison, which is arguably Downtown’s most famous building. It looks like the glass needle on Madison Square Park and is next to the Edition Hotel/Clocktower. We have the most insane 360-degree view of the city I have ever seen, and I don’t say that lightly. We also have a 50’ pool in the building and I do 22 laps every morning before work.

If there’s one thing you could change about your apartment, what would it be?

I’m scared to open the windows because our miniature dachshunds might fall out! They are very curious about the fresh air and always stick their long noses out to smell it. I would like the windows to not open at the bottom, but at the top instead.

In three words, describe the first apartment you've ever lived in.

I can’t say it in just three words! But I’ll say this: it was five Swedish people in a 500 square foot one-bedroom. There was a LONG wait for the only bathroom in the morning.

Do you prefer old NYC or this NYC?

This NYC, but I miss parts of old NYC. I try to preserve it in my work by restoring old factory buildings, warehouses, and parking garages. I miss some of the grittiness of Soho and East Village. But I don’t miss the danger walking through Central Park at night in the summer.

Tell us about your favorite apartment you’ve ever had.

It’s the one we live in now at One Madison!

And the worst?

Definitely the first one.

 Name one NYC service you couldn’t live without.

Takeout food (like Seamless, and Morton’s Grille is AMAZING).

What's your favorite spot in the city?

There are too many to count! There is a blue door on Chambers Street (I won’t tell you the exact address) that I just love—it’s where I always get my photo taken for Instagram. Madison Square Park in the fall is another, and the bow bridge in Central Park in the summer is yet another. I also love Crosby Street on an early weekend morning, and Gay Street and West 11thStreet in the Village on a colorful, crisp, November afternoon.

Which would you rather: Brooklyn brownstone or a penthouse in a shiny, new condo?

I’m not ready to move to Brooklyn yet, so it would have to be a penthouse in a condo…but I don’t like the word shiny. Dramatic is perhaps a better word for me.

If you could live elsewhere, where would it be?

Stockholm, close to my family, walking the Royal Gardens every morning with my dogs and future kids.

Any advice for a recent New York transplant?

Just walk. Skip the subway, skip taxis, definitely skip Uber. Use those feet of yours and look up, don’t miss a thing, take it all in and lose yourself in the energy, the street life, the people.


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