The (easier) non-Marie Kondo guide to straightening up your apartment

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | October 28, 2015 - 3:59PM

With hats-scarves-coat season ahead of of us, you're probably already dreading the overstuffed mess your apartment—or its entryway—is about to become.

That's why we fully appreciate Apartment Therapy's quick tips for getting your apartment in order. These are things we can actually do for once, and they don't require Marie Kondo-level dedication.

The first tip is to get rid of all the miscellany cluttering up your place and take photos of it instead. You really don't need to have hard copies of your credit card statements, after all. (Genius!)

The site also tells you to embrace your junk drawer, in other words, have a place to neatly hide all odds-and-ends. (Done.)

Plus, Apartment Therapy recommends investing in hooks. Ideally, they shouldn't be installed at the focal point of your apartment, but a hook near the bed might just stop you from leaving clothes on the floor at the end of a long day.

Finally, the site says to make horizontal space less accessible for dumping things.

You can cover horizontal spaces (like sideboards) with decorative pieces like frames and bowls, or just get rid of them altogether. (Bench at the foot of my bed, I'm looking at you.)


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