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Summer lasts a little longer in this Hunters Point studio

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It's starting to feel like fall here in the city, but you'd probably stretch summer out a little longer if you rented this $2,310 studio in Hunters Point, Queens, which comes with an envy-inducing private terrace (in a building with multiple outdoor spaces).

The apartment is modern and clean and has the sleek appliances and finishes you'd expect from new developments  in this part of northern Queens (see photo below) . But the best part we think is the 250-square-foot private patio that expands your living and entertaining space (and also means you can actually get some fresh air whenever you please).

The building, called The Pearson Court Square, has tons of extras, including a roof deck (when you want to expand your outdoor horizons), yoga studio, outdoor basketball court, and some indoor parking spots.

Note: The apartment has no broker's fee (score!), but the $2,310 rent is actually net effective, meaning it's taking into account the fact that you get one month's free (which is usually the last month in these cases). That means that your monthly rent checks are more likely in the $2,500 range.


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