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Sick of the beach? 5 classic real estate movies to revisit today

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Whether you're hopelessly sunburned, stuck at the office with nothing to do, or just need to spend a few hours away from the crowds, there's no shame in making Labor Day an unofficial movie day. In fact, we strongly encourage it. As such, we're re-visiting some of our favorite Reel Estate columns—and more importantly, the classic New York movies (and real estate) contained therein.  Below, five must-adds to today's Netflix queue:

  • Rear WindowThis Alfred Hitchcock classic is a double whammy in the horror department; having a murderous neighbor is terrifying, yes, but the prospect of being stuck in your apartment sans air conditioning at the height of summer might be even scarier.
  • The Seven Year Itch. Lest we forget, the plot of this movie is entirely driven by Marilyn Monroe's mooching off her neighbor's air conditioning. Legit.
  • Cruel Intentions. Everyone's worst suspicions confirmed about what rich New York kids do with their downtime during summer vacation.
  • Something's Gotta Give. Leave it to Nancy Meyers to plop her characters into a Hamptons dream house that's literally on "Billionaire's Lane." Also: Keanu Reeves playing a doctor.
  • Metropolitan. Yes, this one takes place during the holidays, but it's also a good reminder that Hamptons season doesn't end with Labor Day: visits out to Long Island in the dead of winter can be surprisingly fruitful.