10 New Yorkers on what they adore about their apartments

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Yes, it's a truism that New York City apartments here are often cramped, loud, storage-deficient, and damn expensive compared to, say, some semi-detached dwelling on the outskirts of Pretty Much Anyplace Else, U.S.A. But despite (or maybe because of) all the hassles, we have a way of growing fiercely attached to the things we do like about our living situations. (Plus, negatives have a way of becoming positives: Absentee landlord? More freedom to decorate and throw parties!) We asked 10 New Yorkers to show their city homes some love by telling us: What do you love about your apartment?

  • Sky high I love that my place is a blank space, a canvas.  I can move, I can create. And I have 12-foot ceilings. —Phillip, Central Harlem
  •  Friends rule I love my roommates! It’s the best thing living with my friends. We were all really good friends before we even lived together. I love it. We’re all nerds. In the living room, we each have our own corner for our geeky stuff like board games, and Dr. Who and Harry Potter stuff. —Will, Washington Heights



  • Built-in love  My place has amazing built-ins. I love them. And I love all the storage I have. My apartment is actually much bigger than it looks! —Tony, Upper West Side
  • Size matters The size! There are two of us, me and my roommate, and we have three bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths, and a huge open living/dining space. —Meghan, Morningside.
  • Happiness is rent control  Our place is a huge, rent-controlled apartment. After one year, we found out our rent was being increased ... by one percent! I love that. Plus, where we are now is so much nicer than where we were previously (Astoria). —Kyra, Washington Heights




  • The future's so bright  I love the light. Light is so important to my mood and to the feeling of a space. The sun gets so intense that we do have black-out shades in the bedrooms, just so we can sleep in if we want to. But the living room, kitchen, everywhere else, the sunlight just streams in and it’s like an explosion! We put red curtains up and when the light hits it, the rooms glow beautifully. —Belle, Harlem
  •   The sweet life I love the size of my apartment. I’m in a classic-seven.  I have an office, a studio, and a separate kitchen. And I have high, high ceilings. Also, love where I am—Sugar Hill is where it’s at! —Wendy, Hamilton Heights





  • Sit down, look out  I love my couch. It’s the best, most comfortable gorgeous thing that looks like it was made for the space. And I love my view of the Hudson river and New Jersey beyond! —Andrea, Upper West Side
  • Sound of silence I love how quiet my place is, believe it or not. Maybe it’s not quiet to somebody from the suburbs or the country. But it’s really, really quiet compared to other places I’ve lived. I can sleep in, I can work from home in peace, and even  friends and family who come to stay have never complained about a single siren, dumpster or bus. —Ethan, Yorkville
  • The great outdoors I love my balcony. I love my whole apartment, but I especially love that balcony, even though it's tiny. It's at least big enough for a few herb boxes, and  a table and benches for long weekend breakfasts. —Glory, Carroll Gardens


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