Small Wonder

This $2,015 furnished UWS studio seems perfect for incoming students

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Sure, this is a pricey dorm room (about four times what mine cost!), but this is New York City, people. And we think this $2,015 furnished studio is calling out to Columbia grad students. 

The apartment, tucked in a picturesque townhouse on West 90th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue, has three windows, a decently sized closet (with storage space on top), and 12-foot ceilings. It's also about $400 less than the area median for studio apartments.

If you're a gourmand, we suggest you look elsewhere. The only fridge here is a mini one. 

The furnishings include a futon, bed, dining room table, new towels and sheets, and an air conditioner.

The townhouse is a walk-up, of course, but it looks like it's only one flight up.

According to the listing, the lease term is nine months to a year. If you're smart, you'll make friends with your upstairs neighbors, who will have their very own outdoor space.


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