Bathrooms big enough for two, three, four (and more!)

By Jen Laing  | August 7, 2015 - 2:59PM

Most New York City apartments have bathrooms barely big enough for one, let alone two or more roommates (whether family members or friends). That's why our heart quickens at the sight of restrooms so large and compartmentalized their floorplans would give most studios a run for their money. The bathrooms here all feature  distinct areas—often separated by doors and walls—for bathing, showering, teeth brushing and more. If we were apartment-sharing, we'd definitely want one of these in which to start and end the day. 

The master bath of this four bedroom, four bath condo at 1 Morton Square (on the market for $8.999 million) is better laid out than some studio apartments with its double sinks,  a glass-enclosed shower, soaking tub and separate room for toilet-ing.

For those who don' t mind bathing out in the open, the carriage house  of this Greenwich Village property (including four units in two buildings; all yours for $14.9 million) has a soaking tub in one corner of the bedroom proper. It's separated from the rest of the master bath—with requisite double sinks, steam shower and toilet—by a nifty sliding barn door.

Thanks to an L-shaped configuration, two people can wash up separately but simultaneously in the master bathroom of this three bedroom, three bath condo at 30 West 86th Street (on the market for $3.85 million), without catching a glimpse of each other.

With separate rooms for showering and commode-use, not to mention a pair of vanities (and the requisite bathtub large enough for a family of four), this master bath in a five bedroom condo at 71 Laight Street ($9.9 million) is ideal for the couple with a "one for you, one for me" mentality.


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