New Yorkers' dating deal breakers: Decor-less apartments, crappy furniture and ... cats

By Mayra David  | August 24, 2015 - 8:59AM

This city is full of romance-minded individuals who are either on a date, on a break, on the prowl, or on Tinder (sometimes all of the above). Dating, hooking up, hanging out, whatever you want to call it—it just might be our second favorite pastime right after scoping out apartments.

But there are definite NYC-specific deal breakers (remember that Seinfeld when Kramer was in a "long distance relationship" with someone who lived downtown?)

We asked 20 hot-blooded New Yorkers: What is your apartment-related dating deal-breaker? (Cat lovers: Be warned.) 

A tip for spotting a red flag Cats. Or a bird. On second thought, what would be even scarier is a medicine cabinet full of antibiotics, or Vagisil or Monistat. That just screams STD.  —Matthew, Financial District (pictured at left)


Clean where you cook!  If you don’t have a clean kitchen, I can’t be with you. I work in a restaurant kitchen and I keep that place clean as a whistle. —Josh, Harlem


Clean where you get clean! A disgusting bathroom. I dated a guy once who had the neatest apartment, the neatest closet. Hated me even crushing the sofa cushions. But the bathroom was disgusting. You are in there everyday to get clean! How can you have a tub that’s nearly black?!  I never went over again. —Belkis, Harlem (pictured at left)

Wildlife, but in bed only Women with too many animals. Especially cats. Or Afghan blankets. I feel like those people haven’t much, um, “experience”. And maybe are a bore. Also, I can’t stand sticky, gritty floors, which, if you have too many animals, you probably have. —Adam, Washington Heights

No furries Cats. I’m highly, highly allergic. That’s a no-go from the get-go. —Denny, Bed-Stuy

So not on board Railroad apartments if you have roommates!! Turn. Off. —Bryan, Inwood

Caring is decorating Unrenovated, undecorated apartment. I mean, why? It tells you something about them. Why don’t you care more? —Herald, Inwood (shown at left)

Solo sleep space. A single bed. Yes, really. That happened to me. —Yaale, Harlem

Noise police Scary landlords. Scary, strict landlords that come charging your apartment at any kind of noise.
—Garrett, Washington Heights

Grow up and get a real chair! Non-furniture furniture. Like using milk crates for everything. We’re not in college anymore. —Allison, Bronx

No, really, get a real chair. Lawn or beach chairs. I went into an apartment that had a leather sofa that looked like it had been on Craigslist a few times, and then: lawn chairs! The lightweight kind with cup holders! Unless you maybe have sand on the floor, and a kiddie pool, and have a whole fun thing going, it's a no. —Leticia, Harlem

And real wall art…Sticking posters into the wall with thumbtacks. First of all, get a frame. And then afix them to the wall like an adult. —Babs, Astoria (pictured at left)

… And maybe up your design game in general An ugly apartment. Undecorated or just not really furnished. And roommates! In this stage of life, I’m looking for a gentleman of a certain caliber. If you can’t create a nice home for yourself, you’re not it. —Michael, Harlem

Food fetish Crumbs in bed. Or any kind of sauce. Ew. Just ew. —Andrea, Harlem

Kitchen confidential from a pro Don’t have a dirty kitchen. I’m in catering and a kitchen just has to be kept clean. It’s where you make your food. —Patrick, Hamilton Heights

Declutter or declined People who collect things. Ugh, hoarders. Believe me, I know: those people are clingy! —Karen, Astoria

Don’t hoard your take-out either Collected, half-eaten containers for Chinese Food. Disgusting. Get rid of those. And eat better for god's sake. —Byron, Astoria

No chicken soup for this veggie soul The smell of meat. I’m a vegetarian and when you walk into a place that smells of cooking meat, it’s nauseating. —Gabrielle Hamilton Heights

Speaking of smells… A place that smells moldy! God, I hate that smell. It’s smells like rotten gravy. —Melissa, Bronx (pictured at left)

Not in the heights  I don’t like balconies. Seriously. I have a real problem with heights. Balconies in high rises really freak me out! —Vlad, Battery Park

So what are your dating/apartment deal breakers? Answer in the comment section below.


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