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YouTube 'expectations vs. reality' video about living in NYC covers greatest (and worst) hits

By BrickUnderground | June 9, 2015 - 12:59PM

You know that "expectations vs. reality" video in 500 Days of Summer that pretty much breaks your heart every time you see it because it shows exactly how we fantasize one outcome but are sometimes woefully disabused of any notion of true and accurately predicted happiness? (Can you tell we feel very strongly about that movie?)

YouTuber Tess Christine recently moved to the city and, like many newcomers, discovered that some elements of NYC living don't come anywhere near what we expected. (Yes, some of the takeaways are pretty obvious, but there's value in being reminded.)

There's the breezy travel via subway that, in reality, resembles something akin to a bad rave, only without the lights and the music and the glee (though, in the summer, with as much sweat). And then there's the "ease" with which people get cabs—so not true, especially during shift changes. (Hate it when a cluster of empty taxis just drive past.) Also, we don't spend all our nights indulging in fabulous "adventures" (reality: texting each other about possible plans that don't end up happening because Netflix).

One of her biggest reality checks, though, is, yes, real estate: Prime location (Chelsea) for $450 a month? Done laughing yet?

And don't even start about NYC dating.


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