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Fantasy time: Which would you prefer, driver or chef?

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

In a city where even the most basic features of life (washer/dryer, anyone?) are considered luxuries, we thought it would be fun to contemplate having real luxuries at your disposal. We asked six New Yorkers if they could have either a driver or a chef, which they'd choose.

  • Driving in gear  Definitely a driver. Having somebody get me to where I need to go and not have to deal with the MTA   -- going up and down into subways and on buses -- would be amazing. I’m a freelance camera man and my job involves going all over the city with my equipment. Having a driver would be miraculous. -Tim, Washington Heights

Foodie heaven A chef! I love food. I’m a foodie. How awesome would it be to have somebody prepare an amazing dish, and then present on a dish, right at the exact moment you sit, and at the perfect temperature? I’d love that. That’s the life. -K’ron, Harlem

  • When your commute drives you crazy I work such strange hours, sometimes I have to start my commute at 4 a.m.! A driver would be a dream. It would change and better my life! It’s so hard to get on a train an strange hours and also come home when it’s dark, etc. I’d love to have a driver. -Julissa, Harlem
  • For the  well-heeled A driver of course! To have them wait for me everywhere I go, I could where my highest heels everywhere and not worry about the walk to the subway or bus. I could read and do email or check Instagram on my way to wherever and not bother the people walking behind me. But then, I’d probably loose all the exercise I get from walking. -Verena, Upper East Side
  • For all occasions  A chef would be so amazing. I would have them make me super healthy meals that also taste of real food. During the week and during the weekends  I want bombshell, extravagant, artery clogging  meals. And the chef could cater parties! Amazing, good food, dream come true. -Amanda, Chelsea
  • All you need is love ... and a ride I’d go for a driver for sure. My wife is an excellent cook, so I don’t need a chef. -Gavin, Washington Heights








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