Is this the smallest apartment available in Manhattan?

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More fodder for your "the Manhattan rental market is seriously nuts" discussions (vacancy rates hover around 1 percent at the moment): this $1,450 Chelsea "studio," with a shared bath. It's been saved by 41 users on StreetEasy.

At least the exterior is rather impressive.

You can't do much better than the location — in a SRO (single-room occupancy) townhouse on 20th Street between Eighth and Ninth — but you probably can do somewhat better than the apartment itself, which has a mini-bar style fridge and no stove to speak of.

Oh, and did we mention you'll have to share the bathroom, which is outside the apartment, with two other people? Also, it appears as if there's a pipe over your head and the view out of the single window is of a brick building.

All of these "quirks" explain why this is the cheapest studio currently available in Chelsea, and about $1,800 less than the median price for studios in the neighborhood.

So what do you we all think? Worth squeezing into? The building is cleaned three times a day, as per the listing. Maybe it'll feel like a college dorm in a really cool neighborhood.


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