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This Kickstarter will help you grow an herb garden in your apartment

By BrickUnderground  | June 8, 2015 - 2:59PM

We've learned a ton lately about starting indoor gardens—we've been a little obsessed about it here at Brick—and now comes a Kickstarter project that purportedly makes herb gardening even easier.

Made in Paris—which, if we're being honest, lends it a little more chic—the so-called Lilo has seeds in capsules that are then placed into a container, then watered, and voila! Instant green shoots. (Delivery to the United States and Canada, plus a handful of other countries, begins at the end of this year, apparently.)

Lilo comes with an app that not only doles out tips on how to care for your plants, but also offers recipes in which you can add your bounty. The makers recommend easing your way into herb gardening with "classics" like mint, basic and thyme, and moving on from there.

Take a look for yourself:




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