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Big Apple-based shows coming to a small screen near you

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While we all (begrudgingly) bid adieu to Mad Men this Sunday, we can take some solace in the fact that New York City will continue to be a star on the small screen. The broadcast and cable TV networks have just announced their new 2015-2016 season, and quite a few take place in our fair city.

Here's a sampling:

NBC's Blindspot: In this thriller, a woman is found naked and tattooed in the middle of Times Square, with no memory of who she is. May sound like a regular Friday night in the city, but this time around it seems a lot more dangerous.


NBC's Shades of Blue: J.Lo plays a :"sexy" (according to the network)  New York detective and single mother who fell in with a tight-knit group of dirty cops,  and is trapped by the FBI and forced to inform on her own "brothers." What we want to know: Will she be named Jenny, and will she live on that block in the Bronx?


Crackle's The Art of More: What, you've never heard of Crackle? We hadn't either, but it's a Sony-owned digital-only network, and it's got a pretty cool-looking show coming later this year, with Dennis Quaid and Kate Bosworth. The Art of More "exposes the crime and intrigue behind the glamorous facade of big New York auction houses," according to Sony. How about they take on real estate brokerages next?


          Netflix's Montauk: Alright, it's not part of New York City, but this Long Island beach town is mighty popular among city-dwellers over the summer, so we'll include it. The show, which is expected to hit Netflix in 2016, is a supernatural drama set in the surf town during the 1980s after a boy mysteriously vanishes.


Bravo's Odd Mom OutThe channel that brought you most of your reality show guilty pleasures is introducing a new comedy that revolves around Upper East Side moms in June. Expect lots of real estate and private school jokes. Expect us to be watching.



USA's Donny!: It's being described as a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style partially scripted comedy starring NYC ad man Donny Deutsch (not Don Draper but at least it's another DD?). Deutsch will play a fictionalized version of himself. 

And further down the pipeline: Alec Baldwin will return to TV as the billionaire philanthropist mayor of NYC (sounds familiar...) in a new HBO drama as yet unnamed. Wonder what his take would be on zoning and affordable housing.

Set the DVR now, guys.


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